Cathy Beaton, MS, NCPsyA


Pete S.

“Cathy helped me enormously by giving me simple strategies to use and then reinforcing them each time we met. Plus, she’s really nice, very easy to speak to and no matter what I had to report, she never judged me.”


“When the relationship with my husband was unbearable I found Cathy Beaton. With her sensitive guidance I was able to understand our differences and communicate my needs. I realized that ‘it wasn’t all my fault!’ Cathy’s valuable insight empowered me to remember who I was and to believe in myself. Thank you Cathy.”

Susan Shapiro, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Cathy Beaton is very warm and compassionate and makes people feel comfortable right away. I keep asking her to do my speed shrinking events because so many people who she met and treated have told me that she saved their love life.” 

Sarah Hughes

From Speed Shrinking, Three Minute Therapy,” My favourite was Cathy Beaton’s suggestion that I needed to give myself time outs, which, while it conjured up images of the naughty step, has actually proved very effective . . .”

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